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E4 -- The H2020 Infrastructure Design Study for 4th Generation European Ground-Based CMB Research

This is a response to this H2020 call.

The idea is to propose to do a design study (i.e., we're proposing to get money to design a 4th generation ground-based CMB experiment for Europe. It's not exactly what was done for CORE recently, for example, where the proposal was to make the experiment).

The work packages are:

  1. Proposal and Study Management: Ken Ganga with Manolis Plionis
  2. Requirements & Analysis: Eiichiro Komatsu
  3. Site Evaluation, Construction & Operation: Alberto Rubi˝o-Martin
  4. Telescope & Optics: Marco De Petris with Creidhe O'Sullivan
  5. Focal Plane & Detectors -- KIDs: Andrea Catalano with Paolo Debernardis
  6. Focal Plane & Detectors -- TESs: Giovanni Signorelli
  7. Focal Plane & Detectors -- HEMTs: Enrique Martinez-Gonzalez
  8. Cryogenics: Silvia Masi
  9. System Calibration and Characterization: Marco Bersanelli
  10. Governance: Stavros Katsanevas

The Nodes are:

  1. CNRS: Ken Ganga
  2. Milan: Marco Bersanelli
  3. Roma-I: Paolo de Bernardis
  4. INFN: Giovanni Signorelli
  5. IAC: Jose-Alberto Rubino-Martin
  6. CSIC: Enrique Martinez-Gonzalez
  7. UC: Eduardo Artal
  8. Cardiff: Peter Hargrave
  9. MPA: Eiichiro Komatsu
  10. NUIM: Creidhe O'Sullivan
  11. NOA: Manolis Plionis

Yes, some countries have multiple nodes, and some have only one. This is more a function of the institutions and the way the institutions work together within a country than anything else. The thing to note is that those of you who are not at one of these nodes you should not panic -- the idea is that you are "associated" with one of these nodes. The full list of E4 members is here.

And remember that this is part of the larger "ECMB" organization effort, which is being coordinated across France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK by:

  • France: Franšois Bouchet & Ken Ganga
  • Germany: Eiichiro Komatsu & Joe Mohr
  • Italy: Marco Bersanelli & Nicola Vittorio
  • Spain: Jose-Alberto Rubi˝o-Martin & Enrique Martinez-Gonzalez
  • UK: Michael Brown & Anthony Challinor

If you have questions, comments, etc., please contact your nearest ECMB Coordinator, Node Coordinator, or Work-Package Coordinator, whichever is most appropriate.

The proposal is here.

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