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2017-02-24 Telecon

Note: A few notes from the meeting, including "actions" marked in red. Please check for your name.


  • What I would like to get out of this meeting
    • Agreement on the schedule
    • Confirmation of the "Tasks" that have been suggested
    • Workpackage Coordination Help (scientific and national)
    • At least start the discussion of where we need to put resources
    • Confirmation of the Institutes and names associated with each
  • Status
    • Here is what the proposal looks like now.
      • TODO: Manolis Plionis of the Athens Observatory volunteered to draft outreach material for sections 2.2a/b.
      • TODO: Stavros Katsanevas will work on text highlighting our provenance and AstroNet & APPEC approval.
    • March 03: Task writeups -- So, to make sure we're all "heading in the same direction", and to get an idea of where we may need resources, please have first drafts ready at the end of next week March 3rd.
    • March 10: Workpackage writeups -- The workpackage coordinators will need time to integrate the tasks into a coherent workpackage, so we should have final drafts of all tasks by March 10th.
    • March 17: Final text -- We'll need a week to integrate all the different parts and do the administrative work, so we should have drafts of all the material by March 17th.
    • March 24: Submit -- The proposal is due March 29th, but as I will be in committee meetings, I suggest we finish March 24th.
    • There is a lot of tabular material that needs to be extracted from the text. Please make a best-effort at this.
      • FTE counts (even if we're not asking for money), deliverables, milestones, Gantt charts...
    • We need proof-readers, starting now.
    • It's obvious we will need references.
  • Status of Work Packages -- Here I would like to just go through the work packages 2-8 to make sure we will have everything on time and have not "missed" any important tasks.
    • Work Package 2: Requirements & Analysis -- Coordinated by Tony Banday with help from Jacques Delabrouille and Alberto
      • Synergies with other Experiments -- Alonso & Ferreira
      • Inflation & Other Science: -- Martin Bucher
      • TODO: Reduction, Analysis, Computing & Storage Requirements -- Mohr & Komatsu (would need postdoc). Bouchet also notes need for help "federating" analysis work. This might be combined with the above. Karim Benabed will write some "computing infrastructure" text.
      • TODO: Foregrounds: Tony and IRAP will address High Frequencies. Alberto & Enrique will address low frequencies.
        • Oxford/Jones interested in contributing, especially foregrounds
      • It was noted that we should first define some system requirements -- min. & max. frequency, and technology transition
        • TODO: Define Lower Frequency Limit: Alberto (making reference to their H2020 prop.)+Enrique+Grenoble (Juan)
        • TODO: Define Upper Frequency Limit: Grenoble+PaoloDB
        • TODO: Define Upper-to-lower transition frequency: Damien+Enrique+Juan
      • TODO: Synergies with balloons - dust performance forecasts for high frequency balloon-borne polarization surveys (Masi, de Bernardis, Piacentini ...)
      • TODO: Synergies with satellites - Jacques Delabrouille
      • Requirements for polarization-sensitive purity -- Spain
      • We had a long discussion of "bootstrapping" the project. That is, MarcoB noted that we really need to be as specific as possible about the design, but this is difficult with knowing exactly what we want to do. This is a weakness we may have to live with. As a start, Ken noted that we are not designing something leading edge unless we are trying to do something like this (from the CMB-S4 work):
    • Work Package 3: Site Evaluation, Construction & Operations: Silvia Masi with Alberto Rubino-Martin --- to this point we have dealt with each site separately, but we are seeing a lot of repition, so combination will probably be necessary.
      • Site Testing
      • Dome C -- E. Battistelli & S. Masi
      • South Pole -- K. Ganga
      • Chile -- R. Stompor
      • TODO: Tenerife -- Alberto Rubino-Martin
      • TODO: Argentina -- J.C. Hamilton & C. Medina
    • Work Package 4: Telescope & Optics: Marco De Petris is coordinating (with assisstance from RomaI & Milan)
      • TODO: CCAT-P-Style Telescope -- Frank Bertholdi
      • TODO: Simons-Style Telescope -- Carlo Baccigalupi with Radek Stompor
      • TODO: BICEP-Style Telescope -- Ken Ganga
      • TODO: Mirrors (in collaboration with industry -- Roma I+Franceschet, Cavaliere, Pezzotta …; Milan): This is a pretty open topic, given that we are trying to do both Inflation (small aperature) and clusters (larger aperature).
        • TODO: Monolithic versus segmented mirrors: Paolo de Bernardis.
      • TODO: Optical coupling to detectors: Bruno Maffei in consultation with Rome+Milan (Franceschet, Cavaliere, Pezzotta, Battaglia ...)+AndreaC/Grenoble
      • TODO (x2!): Filters Ken was supposed to contact Giampaolo and others, and hasn't...
      • Lenses & Dielectric Elements
      • Optical Modeling
      • Polarization Rotation: (fast, warm) -- AndreaC/Grenoble; TODO: (stepped, cold) -- Paolo/RomaI
    • Work Package 5: Focal Plane & Detectors : AndreaC with assisstance from Paolo de Bernardis
      • KIDs -- (Coordinated by Grenble with significant input from Spain, France, Italy & UK)
      • TES -- (Damien+GiovanniS+(and maybe Stefano M.? + Michel P.? + S. Withington?)
      • HEMT -- (Spain + Giovanni)
      • TODO: Autonomous Cryo Systems -- Sylvia Masi
    • TODO: Work Package 6: Marco Bersanelli. System Engineering & Calibration: We have structure the earlier parts of the proposal as a modular sequence of choices. This makes things clear, but ignores "system" and "end-to-end" processes. In this workpackage we need to take a critical eye towards the end-to-end integration, system-wide engineering, and calibration.
      • TODO: Develop an outline of full calibration plan, specifying the calibration tests required at every step of integration; include optical, thermo-mechanical, electronic, RF testing. (Bersanelli, Mennella, ...)
      • TODO: Specify calibration campaign of the complete facility; include optical (man beam and sidelobes), thermo-mechanical, electronic, RF testing. (Bersanelli, Mennella, ...)
      • TODO: contribution to design of full-beam polarization calibrators and polarized artificial planets (Masi, de Bernardis, ...) (RMI)
      • TODO: Select artificial sources, implementation choices (e.g. drones, balloons), cost; optimization with scanning strategy (Franceschet, Martelli, ...)
      • Selection of calibration sources and their visibility
        • TODO: contribution to selection of sky calibrators for the W and D bands (de Bernardis, Piacentini ...)
        • TODO: Identify suitable polarized celestial sources; requirement for sensitivity and frequency of observation; optimization with scanning strategy (Incardona, Tomasi, ...)
        • It was noted that this workpackage would probably need a project manager.
    • Work Package 7: Governance: Stavros Katsanevas
      • I have copied the structure from another proposal. Thoughts?
      • Should this be combined with WP6?
      • It was noted that this workpackage would probably need an administrator.
  • Resources: To this point, we have discussed travel money, some resources for detector development, telescope design and atmospheric testing, and personnel for (1) the project as a whole; (2) data analysis federation; (3) Site Testing; (4) Telescope/Optics; and (5) Governance.
  • Management:
    • Work Package Coordinators: To this point, Marco De Petris has volunteered to coordinate with the Telescope/Optics work package, but nobody else has.
    • These are also obviously related to national visibility as well. All "large" countries should be represented
  • Section 4: Consortium: Please take a look at
    • Partner Institutions: Work needs to be done for the UK and Germany.
    • Country Coordinators
    • In-Kind Contributions
      • I'm trying to understand the different categories of people. I believe if you are working out of the kindness of your heart (or, you simply aren't getting money from this proposal), you will be giving "in-kind" contributions.
      • Travel will probably be done through the Partner institutes.
  • Miscellanées
    • The next Florence CMB meeting will be 6-8 September
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