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2017-03-08 Telecon

Title 	E4 Coordinators
Begin 	2017-03-08 09:00 Europe/Paris
Duration 	03:00

Remember that connections seem to be more stable if you call from a phone 
(though you don't get to see my beautiful face then). 
Also, if you get disconnected, try calling back -- that sometimes works as well...

Connection from a single terminal (PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone ...):***7155&autojoin
Installation guide of Scopia Desktop: doc_scopia_desktop-fr.pdf
Telephone or RNIS +33 1 85 58 86 07
GDS 	          +33 1 85 58 86 07 729112
SIP 	          sip:729112@
Conference number 729112 (end by #)
Access code 	  7155 (end by #)

A test room is availiable to validate the configuration and the equipment compatibility.
    room 9999
    PIN 0000
How to connect: 

The most recent version of the text is here in PDF and as a ZIP file with PDF, DOC and ODT

A current list of "contributors" is here.

Agenda: Today we want to (1) figure out if big things are missing and (2) start to think about resources (FTEs & Purchases).

  • WP1: Management - Ken
    • Administrative help?
  • WP2: Requirements & Analysis - ??
    • Computing infrastructure? Postdoc?
    • Lowest/Highest/Transition Frequencies
    • Will someone clean it up?
Paolo has done sensitivity measurements. 
We should show the two pictures, and say something along the lines of what Paolo has written. 
Ken will add paolo's text and figures. 
Paolo will give us a few lines about balloons. 
Alberto will still send text about the lowest frequencies. 
  • WP3: Site - Silvia/Alberto
    • Do we need two atmosphere monitors?
    • Postdoc+radiometer purchase
    • Letter from Barkats
    • Letter from South Pole
    • Letter from Chile
* Ken will talk with the HAMStead PI -- he has also done this in other place. Can't do the polarization. 
* Do we need two apparatuses?
* We don't need to do Chile/South Pole. Nor Greenland. 
  • WP4: Telescope & Optics - MarcoDP & Creidhe
    • CCATP Telescope?
    • Polarbear Style? CarloB?
      • Letter from Lee?
    • BICEP Style?
      • Letter from Kovac/Pryke?
    • Filters?
Ken will talk.
Peter is going to send a page on Filters. 
Alberto will send material on QUIJOTE telescope to Marco DP and the companies. 
MarcoDP: we need to homogenize the material. 
MarcoDP: Postdoc and licenses. 
  • WP5: Focal Plane & Detectors - Andrea+Paolo/Giovanni+Enrique
    • Split into KIDs (Grenoble), TESs (Italy), & HEMTs (Spain)
    • CEBs? Great for space -- potentially immune to cosmic rays. But never used on the ground.
      • Can we call this a sub-package of TESs. We might not be able to provide funding, however.
    • Be careful about purchases -- we need to take into account amortiziement. to
    • We need to weight the workpackages -- they are not all equal in funding.
    • Some of the money will be for software -- we probably don't need cryocooler work.
  • WP6: System Engineering & Calibration - MarcoB
    • We need to purchase calibrators and test.
    • Combine with WP7
  • WP7: System Choices
    • Combine with WP6?
  • WP8: Gouvernance - Stavros
    • Administrator?
    • Letters from APPEC & AstroNet?
  • Outreach: Manolis Plionis
    • Call this a "sub" workpackage of the Management package.
    • What can be done for less?
  • Deliverables?
    • Everything is public?
  • What's missing?
  • FTE Estimates
  • Partners
    • UK "PI"? Anthony will speak with Stafford Withington & Peter Hargrave.
    • German Institutes
  • Resources:
    • Money
    • Postdocs
    • We need to ask partner institutes to send descriptions of their work.
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