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2017-03-20 Telecon

Below is connection information for the E4 video-con at 10 am (Paris time) on Monday. If you are traveling to the US, remember that they made the daylight savings switch recently, but Europe has not.

Connection from a single terminal (PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone ...)***6362&autojoin
Installation guide of Scopia Desktop 	doc_scopia_desktop-fr.pdf
Telephone or RNIS +33 1 85 58 86 07
GDS 	          +33 1 85 58 86 07 725029
SIP 	          sip:725029@
Conference number 725029 (end by #)
Access code 	  6362 (end by #)

Title 	E4
Begin 	2017-03-20 10:00 Europe/Paris
Duration 	02:45

A test room is availiable to validate the configuration and the equipment compatibility.

    room 9999
    PIN 0000

How to connect:

Current Proposal PDF, Sections 4-5 and Archive


  • Are all partners defined (e.g., UK, DE, IE, GR, SE)?
  • Do we all understand section 4, which we haven't discussed much?
  • We need each Work Package leader to fill in table 3.4a and 3.4b.
   There are still unknowns (how much travel money per "third-party" person, e.g.; I have assumed 1k/person/year)
  • Budget. This will be hard. We want way too much money. We need your best guesses for each work package to do it.
  • Does each workpackage have FTE counts from each contributing institute?
  • What happens next? Remember, we want to submit on March 24th.
    • I will really be out of touch after that (hiring committees the week after).
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