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To join the conference from your system: I should note that we used this system this morning, and those who connected using the 'SCOPIA' connection actually were dropped a couple of times. So, if you can, please connect with a good, old-fashioned, telephone -- but one with a 'mute' button. If you cannot, be aware that you might be dropped. I'll try to make sure I see when there are problems, but I'll also have my skype running (ken.ganga) so you can text me if there are problems (or email, of course).

Connection from a single terminal (PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone ...)***1155&autojoin
Installation guide of Scopia Desktop 	doc_scopia_desktop-fr.pdf
Telephone or RNIS 	+33 (0)4 26 68 73 07
GDS 	+33 (0)4 26 68 73 07 721321
SIP 	sip:721321@
Conference number 	721321 (end by #)
Access code 	1155 (end by #)

Title 	E4 WP4
Begin 	2017-02-17 09:00 Europe/Paris
Duration 	02:00
Number of estimated connections 	15

Suggested Agenda (please send suggestions!)

  • An introduction from Ken:
  • Polar Bear/Simons Array-related work -- Stompor, Baccigalupi, Jaffe
  • Telescope mount (in collaboration with industry -- Roma I)
  • Perhaps Delayed: CCAT-P-Style Telescope -- Mohr, Bertholdi, Strutski, Komatsu with

Vertex &/or MTM

  • Mirrors (in collaboration with industry -- Roma I+Franceschet,

Cavaliere, Pezzotta ; Milan)

  • Optical coupling to detectors (Franceschet, Cavaliere, Pezzotta,

Battaglia ...)

  • Polarisation separation (Franceschet, Cavaliere, Pezzotta, Mennella, ...)
  • Cryo-rotators (Masi, de Bernardis, ...)
  • NIKA-Style Polarization modulation (NicolasP, Andrea)
  • Perhaps with Work Package 2: Optimization of polarized scanning (De Gasperis, Buzzelli ...)
  • Maynooth, Orsay and Oxford are interested in contributing to this work

package in general.

  • Work Package Coordinator -- yes, we need someone to organize the

overall work. Someone please help!

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