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  • An introduction from Ken:
  • CCAT-P-Style Telescope -- Frank Bertholdi -- CCatPrime, which might be similar to a massive CMB focal plane (It uses the "Niemack" design), is gearing up (but far ahead of "us"). They are working on a prototype for 6m-class CMB telescope. The focus of CCAT not really CMB, but more on clusters, SZ etc. The focal planes will cost as much as the telescope. From 200 micron to 2mm. A German vender that can do it. he will send some text.

Frank also notes that they have an Atacama site concession (this would be our Work Package 3).

  • Polar Bear/Simons Array-related work -- Stompor, Baccigalupi, Jaffe

Carlo has not spoken with Radek and others about this yet, but will. The structure of the two other simons array telescopes has been done by an Italian company. Carlo & Co. will work with Marco and Paolo.

  • Telescope mount (in collaboration with industry -- Roma I) Paolo's lab is interested in contributing to the efforts of both of the previous points.
  • Mirrors (in collaboration with industry -- Roma I+Franceschet, Cavaliere, Pezzotta ; Milan): This is a pretty open topic, given that we are trying to do both Inflation (small aperature) and clusters (larger aperature). This should address both. Sorry. It should mention as one task the choice between monolithic and segmented mirrors. Paolo will gather this text.
  • Optical coupling to detectors: Bruno Maffei will organizing the writing for this, in consultation with Rome+Milan (Franceschet, Cavaliere, Pezzotta, Battaglia ...). He will come up with a draft, to improve upon (and is worried that we need to be more specific). AndreaC notes that this is tightly coupled to the Detectors/Focal Plane work in Work Package 5, and will contribute.
  • Polarisation separation (Franceschet, Cavaliere, Pezzotta, Mennella, ...) AndreaC (with help of Giampaolo and NicolasP) will organize this with Roma's help.
  • Cryo-rotators (Masi, de Bernardis, ...)
  • NIKA-Style Polarization modulation (NicolasP, Andrea)

Roma and Grenoble will work together to present how we will validate and compare these methods

  • Filter chain. Marco notes that we have left this out. I've spoken with Giampaolo about it, but need to get back to him. Ken will talk to Giampaolo Pisano.
  • Optics Design: O'Sullivan, De Petris
  • Perhaps with Work Package 2: Optimization of polarized scanning (De Gasperis, Buzzelli ...)
  • Maynooth, Orsay and Oxford are interested in contributing to this work

package in general.

  • Work Package Coordinator -- Marco de Petris has agreed to organize this group!!
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